Kiss Pink Satin Throws Good Bye

Pendleton National Parks Blanket


Here at Gear Patrol, we’re obviously proponents of the “Man Chair.” A few month’s back though, I discovered a glaring weakness with my “Man Chair”… the lack of a respectable blanket. This point hammered home when I looked down one evening and realized I was under a pink, red, and white flowered “throw” that beyond its most effeminate pattern, barely made it to my shins. Gasp. Off to my pigheaded research…

Several days later I emerged with a proper “Manket” (too close to Murkin?) with a Pendelton Woolen Mills National Parks Blankets.

pendleton-national-parks-blanket-chairPendleton Woolen Mills has been around for a hundred years now, manufacturing all their products in their Oregon factory. The National Parks Blankets have been offered for 100 years to honor the great parks here in the US. As a native Mainer, I obviously opted for the Acadia pattern (shown right, rolled), which pairs well with my chocolate brown leather chair. It brings to the chair (or bed) 100% virgin wool, full-size dimensions at 80″x90″ (twin and queen sizes are offered for other parks), and Pendleton’s exemplary warranty.

What this means to you: In a Pendleton, you’ve got a blanket made in the US that will keep you plenty warm, cover more than your shins, and keep you looking and feeling masculine as hell. Win, win.

Author’s Note: I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how soft this blanket is. My view on wool had been skewed by the awful itchy shirts I was relegated to in my childhood. Between Pendleton blankets and Merino wool, I’m finding myself a convert (my skeptical wife too). The Pendleton Blanket also comes packed with a leather carrying strap for the blanket, which would be perfect for a little picnic, Dances with Wolves style (Unlike Ben, Jon’s sense of romance is always spot on). If you’re not looking for a full-size blanket, check out the other park variations or Yakima Camp Blankets which come in a variety of sizes.

Cost: $150-$190