Fire Up The Grill! We're Making... Pizza?!

Villaware Pizza Grilling Stone


There’s no better way to prepare a pizza than using a brick oven, but ripping down your dining room to install such a behemoth isn’t exactly cost effective. And as much as you or I would like to erect ourselves a singular purpose hearth, it’s just not really that feasible.

Save yourself hassle and money by using the equipment you do have. The Villaware Pizza Grilling Stone has been an awesome grilling gear addition by allowing the use of a grill to make outstanding pizzas. The brick-oven style preparation yields lighter, crunchier (in a good way) crusts thanks to the evenly distributed heat of a hot stone. It ensures my latest pizza attempts (BBQ chicken pizza with Colby Jack cheese and sliced jalapenos) come out piping hot, succulent, and ridiculously tasty.

The Villaware Pizza Grilling Stone measures in at 12x15x5 so measure your grill accordingly. There’s a built-in thermometer (in case your grill doesn’t have one, like mine) and constructed around a rugged stainless steel frame with backsplash to keep those toppings from sliding off the stone. A nice touch is the rear tray that allows you to brush away loose crumbs, ensuring a tidy grill.

Cost: $77