Works Like A Broom, Without All That Unpleasant Sweeping

Black & Decker 18v Hard Surface Sweeper


Not too long ago, we brought you a feature on Black & Decker’s Cordless Chainsaw, a tool that impressed us with its general handiness. Well, the chainsaw was just one member of B&D’s 18v Yard Care System. Today we introduce you to another offering in that line, the 18v Hard Surface Sweeper. Relying on your filthy broom and the sweat of your brow to evacuate grass clipping from your driveway or street debris from your stoop is simply no way to live. That’s why Black & Decker offers this wondrous cordless broom.

Be not confused, the 18v Hard Surface Sweeper is not a substitute for your heavier-duty leaf blower. This is not designed to wrangle an ornery mess of leaves. Rather, it’s intended use is to make quick work of a dirty driveway, garage, patio, or stoop. I’ve found myriad uses for it around the house, because it’s extremely light (<5 lbs.) and simple (turns on/turns off). It’s ease of use allows me to break it out at times when I wouldn’t otherwise want to hassle with firing up my gas powered model. In my tests, the sweeper exhibited good battery life running somewhere around 12 minutes per charge. If your porch is dirtier than that, you’ve got bigger problems. Don’t forget that the included battery is usable in any of the other tools in this 18v line, as well.

Though I’m a suburbanite, I submit that the B&D Hard Surface Sweeper might be even handier for men living in more urban environs. It’s easy store and far quieter than a typical lawn and leaf blower. The crap littering your deck or patio won’t stand a chance in the face of the 120 mph tempest that you can bring to bear with your new battery-powered best friend.

Cost: $70