The Wrinkle, Moisture, and Odor-Free Dress Shirt

Dunning Performance Woven Sportshirt


Honestly, it’s about time someone decided to take active-wear technology and merge it with daily dress wear. There’s nothing worse than a sweaty-ass day ruining your freshly self-pressed shirt on a day you need to look sharp.

Dunning Sportshirts are designed to rid you of that very problem.

Admittedly, there are other shirts that make similar claims, but the Dunning Performance Woven Sportshirts stand apart with their combination of classic tailored fits and modern day technology. Designed by former Ironman competitor Ralph Dunning, the Sportshirt is touted as the “ultimate business casual shirt”. Each one is constructed of Invista Coolmax fibers that keep you dry and comfortable during spring and summer workdays. The unique combination of light, wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking material and odor-management simply works wonders on hotter days; even better, distinctively bold yet classic patterns (e.g. gingham, houndstooth, square check, and bengal stripe) will make a fine addition to any man’s summer wardrobe, especially travelers looking for a low maintenance solution.


Editor’s Note: My workplace doesn’t necessitate a tie, but being properly assembled is an unspoken must. Such is the media industry. Skip the tie with these shirts and just pair them with a subdued cotton blazer. The longer cut tails of the Dunning Sportshirt make tucking-in a must, but you wouldn’t dare go tail-out with a classic shirt pattern anyway, right? Right.

Bring it on, summer.

Cost: $125