Finally, Someone's Improved the Car Charger

Belkin Micro & Dual iPod/iPhone Auto Chargers


Typically, car phone chargers are nothing to write home about. You stick them in what used to be known as the “cigarette lighter” (back before smoking became equated with terrorism), plug in your phone, and that’s about it. Seeing the newly attached polyp protruding from your otherwise aerodynamic dash was just a fact of life; the price to pay for the convenience of charging while driving.

Thankfully, Belkin employs some aesthetically inclined engineers who decided that eyesore car chargers were no longer acceptable and, thus, the Micro Charger was born. Designed to sit as flush with your dash as possible, while still providing some leverage to remove if needed, the iPod/iPhone Micro Charger is a must for any road warrior with a need for smooth lines and penchant for apple products.

Besides looking great, the device’s so called “Quick Charge” USB port outputs a steady 1 volt charge which is ideal for juicing up iPods and iPhones. For those of you with first hand experience of what power sinkholes these devices can be, that’s a feature promising untold blessings.


If your fanboy loyalties happen to be split between Apple products and other phone makers, Belkin has also released the Dual Auto Charger, which sports a “Quick Charge” USB port along with a mini USB port to power any mobile phone using that connection (Blackberries, Motorolas, etc.). However, the additional port will cost you that flat dash again, similar to your current cord monster

Cost: Micro Auto Charger with Charge Sync Cable ($20), Dual Auto Charger ($30)