The Most Energy Efficient Flat Panel HDTV Ever

Samsung UN46B7000 LED Green HDTV


Until OLED really takes off in the consumer market, LED backlit LCD screens (yes that’s what these TVs are, not LED TVs) like the Samsung UN46B7000 will be riding the cutting edge of HDTV technology. That’s because screens of this type have several advantages over their normal LCD & Plasma based brethren.

First, their size. If the picture didn’t already give you a clue, this Samsung measures only 1.2 inches deep at its thickest point, making it one of the slimmest televisions in existence. Aesthetically speaking, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that something this thin looks quite badass, but the envy of your friends isn’t the real game changing feature of this unit.

Instead, this TV’s real beauty lies inward, around its power consumption. According to CNET’s rigorous methodology, the UN46B7000 saps a measly erector set-esque 0.12 watts per square inch in its default mode power. CNET says that measurement makes it the most efficient HDTV they’d ever tested.


When spending $2,500 on a television, though, one does expect way more features than just another green chip for their conscious. This explains Samsung’s decision to include Yahoo Widgets in their LED backlit line. Yahoo Widgets work by displaying Internet-powered information modules, called “snippets,” into a bar along the bottom of the screen. Example widgets include snippets for stocks, weather, news, and access to Flickr photos. More widgets are sure to come in the future. The set’s enhanced internet connectivity also provides video, photo, and music streaming functionality from DLNA-certified devices via your home network connection. Firmware updates can be downloaded directly to the unit too, as opposed to through a computer.

However, until we can get our hands on a review unit, we can’t vouch for just how useful or effective these features are, nor can we comment on how the unit performs in terms of video quality. So for now, check out CNET’s full review on the Samsung UN46B7000 if you need to know more.

What we can say for sure is that having energy efficient electronics in our homes is one small way we can all help minimize our impact on the planet.

Cost: $2,995, $2,400 w/rebate and discount from B&H