Full-Fledged Organic Duds at a Discount Price

Loomstate for Target

Organic is everywhere. It’s the buzz word of late. There’s organic milk, organic shampoo, organic beer, and now there’s organic cotton, but it’s not actually new.

loomstate-for-targetSome background: organic cotton has actually been around since 1990, when a group of Egyptian scientists convinced their government to convert land from the traditional practices of cotton farming (e.g. lots of pesticides and other chemicals) to a more sustainable method. After all, they got it right with papyrus and pyramids, so who better to take a crack a cutting-edge textiles. Since then, companies managed to go 100% organic in all their cotton usage – familiar brand to GP readers Patagonia was the first, followed by Stella McCartney (a brand your significant other will be none too familiar with), People Tree, and edgy American Apparel.

Though I’m all about saving the world and doing what I can do to reduce my carbon footprint, often times going green means spending more green – not something I’m interested in doing flippantly. I know a lot of you GP readers can relate. Well, enter Loomstate for Target.

Make sure and catch the video after the jump.

If Ferrari designed a Ford, you’d have what designers Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn have created for discount shoppers (like me). It’s 100% organic cotton with a 100% Target price.

Gear Patrol was invited to celebrate the launch of this fresh line and collaboration earlier this month and yours truly was in attendance.

The scene: a cool one story, open floor beach house nestled in a Venice neighborhood (in typical Los Angeles fashion non-trendy, yet secretly vying for trendiness). Sprinkle in celebrities Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Pressly, Amy Smart, and Entourage’s Adrian Grenier (Vince), PR reps, stylists, and generally all-around beautiful people. Of course, all there to say, “Hey, organic cotton rules.” Aiding the small mob of earth-conscious, fashion-conscious party-goers were a bevy of refreshing organic vodka drinks, outrageous yet delicious organic finger foods (goat cheese stuffed candy pecan rolled apricot anyone?) catered by Venice Beach Wines, and DJs spinning the ones and twos.

elizabeth-banksAs for the fashion, well lets just say it’s best summarized as clothes that look stylish without being ridiculous. As a Gear Patrol man, I appreciate the details in life and this line has details for days on end; asymmetrical stitching on men’s t-shirts, hue-accented threads, and a motif of refreshing aqua splashed on the black and whites. They’re designs men can appreciate, whether they’re East/West Coasters, South or the North.

The price is on spot (no thanks to Target I’m sure) and the everyday style simply works. You’ll be able to find the new Loomstate line in your local Target starting this month. Two words: dress responsibly.

For more information on organic cottons, visit Organic Exchange.