Music That Transcends Borders and Beliefs

Playing For Change


Gear Patrol hasn’t previously published many posts like this, but maybe its time we start doing more so because some things are just worth sharing.

On a recent trip out to Los Angeles, I was having lunch on the Santa Monica Promenade and couldn’t help but notice that there was a talented street musician emphatically playing a classical guitar. It made me wish I had my old Sony Minidisc recorder (remember those?) and a video function on my iPhone. In what appeared to be a fortunate bit of timing, I came across this post on Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz while catching up on some internet browsing. As a musician, I found myself inspired, but you don’t need any musical inclination to appreciate what it represents. Watch the video after the jump.


Playing For Change is an initiative to pursue peace through music, and if their extraordinary global music collaborations like the one you’re about to see below are any sign of success, then this team is in for a remarkable future. They’ve built a mobile recording studio and are traveling the globe to inspire others by showing that music has the ability to break down boundaries and barriers, overcoming the differences between people and beliefs. They share this through high definition video and mind-bogglingly complex music tracks by overlaying the various performers and musicians to create rich, enveloping versions of songs you’re already familiar with. In this case, it’s Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” which features 35 musicians from all over the world.

Learn More About Playing For Change | Purchase the DVD/CD ($14)