Spend $12 to Kiss Cable Expenses Good Buy

Mini Display Port to HDMI


By Gear Patrol Reader Kirk Ward

So you went and bought the 13-inch MacBook based on the glowing article posted a few months ago. Kudos to you; that’s a great start. The only problem is, well, (screen) size is everything and this guy is only 13-inches. That’s where the Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter comes in.

The Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter has been created to answer all the Apple fans who have been clamoring for a way to connect their Mac to their HDTV using HDMI. By connecting the adapter into your computer’s Mini Display Port, you can run an HDMI cable from your MacBook directly into your HDTV. The adapter itself is short, but you should have no trouble finding an HDMI cable of the needed length.

Talking about this connection may seem obvious, but it really enables you to do anything you would on your laptop and transmit the image straight to your TV, which has enormous potential. By combining the adapter with Hulu, Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature, or, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend who’ll share, with someone else’s SlingBox, you’ll have a personal online theater straight from your MacBook. Gear Patrol understands that the current economy is hitting some of you pretty hard, and it may be time to cut back on expenses. One way to do that is to ditch the $100+ cable bill you’ve been paying in favor of this $12 cord connection.

mini_display_port_to_hdmi1Keep in mind, though, that every TV is different, so you will need to tinker with settings to ensure that you get the best picture possible. Also, although HDMI supports sound and image, please keep in mind that the Mini Display Port is not formatted to support sound through HDMI. That means you’ll need another audio connection running from your computer to your TV to get sound. Bummer, I know, but such is life.

Cost: $12

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Photo Credit: Apple