Zane Oliver | New Gear Patrol Contributor

From Patrick Tuttle: Men, say hello to Zane Oliver. He’s a member of Gear Patrol’s latest rookie class of Contributors. Hailing from Texas, Zane approached us after being a loyal reader, then an active community member. Now, as a part of our team, we’re looking forward to what men in Texas have to say and how that stacks up with the perspectives of our other southern gents. Welcome aboard Zane.


Thinking, pondering, wondering, and dreaming – although dangerous in my wife’s eyes – these are the OCD tendencies that led me to Gear Patrol. I’m always in search of some type of gear. What that may be all depends on my mood for the day.

Born and raised in the great state of Texas, I am a financial adviser and I also own an automotive detailing business on the side for fun (and gear money). I always say that I like to be funny, but I’m never as funny as I’d like to be. Similar to many loyal Gear Patrol readers, I have numerous hobbies and interests which occupy most every drop of free time and all the resources I can muster. It is a thirst that’s hard to quench.

One of my missions in life is to have a profound impact on those I contact. I believe Gear Patrol is a fantastic avenue of opportunity to impact men’s lives (read: your life) with relevant, useful information about so many things that are shared passions, and, as an optimist, I think even better things are yet to come.

P.S. – I’ll try to keep the “y’alls” and “howdys” to a bare minimum.

Zane can be reached for question or comments via e-mail at [email protected]