Take It Easy On Your Eyes

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear


Unless you are the one person who is having this article read to you by your valet, chances are good that you are staring a some sort of screen right now. You probably spend a great deal of time doing just that. I certainly do.

Not too long ago I changed roles at my day job, moving from a field agent (so to speak) to a desk-bound position. On the plus side, my shoes stay a lot cleaner, but even that isn’t worth the wicked eyestrain-headache I was incurring from staring at dual computer monitors for the majority of the day. Luckily, I found a fix – and a darn good one, at that. Hit the jump see my solution.

07-1204The line of Digital Performance Eyewear by Gunnar Optiks promises to improve the visual acuity of computer users via their proprietary i-AMP lens technology. Rather than wow you with technical jargon (aka magic), I’d rather share my personal impressions (I’m impressed!) of the pair I’ve been testing.

Whilst at work, I’ve been sporting the Phenom model, which is one of Gunnar’s more understated designs (18 models are currently available). Each model is offered in a variety of color schemes and, since I fancy myself an aspiring Arvin Sloan, I chose Mint. The various styles will, of course, appeal differently to each individual, but I’m a big fan of the Phenom’s full frames, near-weightlessness, and springy temples. Additionally, all Gunnar models ship with a cleaning cloth and excellent storage case.

I’m not, however, primarily concerned with making a fashion statement. I am much more interested in protecting my vision and getting through the day without developing a dull, digital ache. I kid you not, I could sense a dramatic improvement after day 1. In my office, I had been fighting a trifecta of visual aggravation: computer monitors, glare from an adjacent window, and harsh fluorescent lighting. Gunnar’s technology seemed to have no trouble in smiting my optical adversaries. I respect products that do what they aim to do, and Gunnar Optiks has created a product that has that down pat. I also appreciate a bevy of personal reviews when I’m making a buying decision, and their site features plenty of folks whose reaction was similar to mine.

Perhaps you don’t feel the symptoms as acutely, but I’d wager that the eyestrain associated with your digital lifestyle likely drags down your productivity, as it did mine. Having worn Gunnar’s eyewear for a bit now, I find myself skimming documents faster and staying on track longer when working at my computer. The current models feature a slight yellow tint designed to eliminate the harsher wavelengths of light, but Gunnar Optiks is looking to release clear-lens models, as well as a line designed specifically for gaming, in the near future.  For now, I’m just glad that, thanks to Gunnar, I can call a truce in the war on my computer screen.


Cost: $99 for Phenom (pictured), Others $79-$189