Pacquaio and Hatton Don't Stand a Chance

Everlast Inflatable Punching Bag


By Gear Patrol Reader Rikin Shah: Whether you’re looking to amp up your workouts or to take out a little aggression, every guy could use a punching bag (besides the tortured pillow on your bed). Let’s face it, not all of us have the ideal real estate to own gym equipment, let alone put up and use a punching bag without getting evicted.

If you’ve longed for a punching bag, but simply can’t drill holes in your ceiling or sacrifice the extra space, check out this inflatable wonder by Everlast, a trusted name in boxing gear. This bag is the perfect accessory for any man cave and supplies the functionality you need without all the complications and weight of normal punching bags.

everlast-inflatable-punching-bagAt 5’2” this bag easily inflates and holds its ground by filling the base with water or sand. The base provides stability and peace of mind via anti-leak PVC construction; it does it’s job admirably, staying grounded while the top rocks back and forth with every punch. The best part is that it folds completely flat for storage in virtually no time.

Alternatively, just leave it up for entertainment; it’s sure to provide fun for everyone, as anyone who spots it is going to want to take a swing. Getting it set up won’t take a toll, either. Thanks to the included foot pump, you won’t have to worry about passing out trying to get it inflated.

I’m not saying this bag will make you the next Manny Pacquiao (or maybe it will), but at least it isn’t the knock-around clown from KB Toys, either. Regardless, this is sure to put the endurance factor back in your workouts, while saving your precious pillow from the pummeling.

If you’d like to get your mitts on one of these, you can follow the link to order directly from Everlast or search the web for a slew of retailers.

Author’s Note: Make sure you get the men’s version to avoid disappointment and the humiliation of looking like you’re training to fight the 5th grade bully.

Cost: $25

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