We Equipped A Triathlete With A Pair. This Is His Take.

K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech


My friends who consider themselves fitness buffs tend to agree that there are few accomplishments as satisfying as completing a triathlon. Men’s Health, backs that with their 20 great reasons why you should do a triathlon.

It’s alleged that the triathlon itself started sometime around the 1920’s in France, aptly called “Les trois sports,” where participants ran 3km, biked 12km, and swam across the Marne channel. Of course, like any good, red-blooded Americans, it was taken to the next level when a couple of guys named Jack Johnstone and Don Shanahan in San Diego, CA created what we now consider the modern-day triathlon.

No matter which triathlon you participate in, (Ironman, half, full, etc.), it’s always good to prepare yourself with proper gear, and that’s just what this responsible Gear Patrol editor did… for one of our readers.


Gear Patrol reader Mark Billings reached out to us a short while back inquiring about having us do some coverage on triathlon gear. We gladly obliged, and took it one step further by offering to equip him with a set of K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech triathlon shoes in exchange for a real-world review. That’s just the type of crew we are and part of our 5 Point Pledge to get you real reviews by real men.

Purported as the most versatile running shoe on the market, the K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Tech triathlon shoes lack nothing in the features department: modular interchangeable sole system (2 included: light and cushion), external TPU molded heel and urethane support cage, Aosta II rubber sole with multi-directional flex-grooves, dual-density posting to help prevent over-pronation, an enhanced heel to toe breathability system, and an Si-18 Gel cushioning system.

Sure, specs and features are nice, but instead, lets here it straight from Mark Billings who took the K-Swiss’ out for a real-world run.

Triathlon Runner (and Gear Patrol reader) Mark Billings’ Review:

I’ve had two months with the K-Swiss Run One miSOUL Techs. After using an older pair of Karhu Men’s M1’s, these worked out be an absolute night and day difference. The fact that they came equipped with two insoles only provided more flexibility and support. Some things a lot of people don’t consider when buying shoes for running distances is their pronation, stance, or frame. My wider, heavier frame (I’m about 6’1″, 205 lbs) wasn’t suited for the Karhu’s. With the cushion inserts in, the K-Swiss’ really came alive for my feet. The break in period took a little over a week (running 6 miles a day), which bests my last couple of pairs, all of which took closer to a month to get road worthy.

kswiss-misoul-insertsI’ve now completed three triathlons, but I still consider myself a newbie to the gauntlet. I wouldn’t consider myself the most technical of athletes, but if I can pass along any information it would be to not underestimate the run (beginner’s should also visit TriathaNewbie.com). Those of you who think you’re treadmill champs should be ready yourselves to be humbled. You’re in an entirely different ball game with a triathlon.

Back to the shoes. After training for a month with the miSOUL Tech’s, they literally became one with my feet, providing just the right amount of support, balance, and flexibility. They’re extraordinarily light, though not the lightest I’ve seen, but entirely offset by the extraordinary real-world comfort. Maybe that’s why I just ordered another pair.

Cost: $125