The Pool Table of the Future

Lunar Pool Table


It should come as no surprise that we have a bias for orange things, especially when they look this cool. iPod integration is the new black of product design, so it’s only natural it would show up in the pool table. What’s unexpected is the Lunar’s integration of 80w speakers and built-in LED powered, under-cloth illumination. We’re all for the enhanced lighting, as it’ll definitely help us see our shots through the haze of cigar smoke, and, frankly, when have we ever said no to more features.

As for the speakers, music and pool go together like Dusty and lawn equipment, so it’s a natural evolution in our book. Eric, of course, is banned from putting on a acapella during the game.

Priced at $745, the Lunar is definitely not an impulse buy, but is still reasonably priced compared to other tables. That cost includes 48mm spots and stripes balls and 2 two-piece pool cues measuring 48 inches, so once it arrives you should be all set.

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Cost: Approximately $745

Via: Born Rich