Canadians Sure Can Create Some Damn Fine Bread... and Women

Silver Hills Bakery Bread

silver-hills-bakery-squirrelly-breadYou’ve got to love some of the things our Canadian brothers produce. After all, they gave us Rachel McAdams, Elisha Cuthbert, and Kristin Kreuk. However, this Gear Patrol entry is neither about the beautiful women of Canada nor the aforementioned women themselves, but rather about bread for which we should offer our thanks. Yes, this is about bread, or what might be the most opposite thing from what’s going on in your mind… right… now.

Silver Hills Bakery of Lumby, British Columbia begin in 1989 baking some 150 loaves a week in a small kitchen. It’s now grown to fill a 33,000 sq. ft facility serving the Pacific Northwest. But thanks to the internet(s), you’re able to procure some of the bready-goodness for your very own table.

Each loaf takes 35+ hours to produce using live-sprouted grain mashed into the dough base. Unlike most breads, the bran and wheat germ are left resulting in 300% more fiber than your run of the mill (pun intended) whole wheat breads. There are no added fats or oils (sorry Wonder Bread fans), dairy, eggs, or whey, stabilizers & conditions, additives, or preserves. Just bread.

I’m a weekend morning toast kind of guy. Toast soldiers and two soft boiled eggs (recipe, pic) to be exact. Silver Hills Bakery bread has been a delicious addition to my morning meal and, though it’s a hassle to get bread separate from my regular grocery order, I do find something nostalgic about procuring my bread from an individual vendor. Some of you geographically lucky Gear Patrol readers will find Silver Hills available in your local grocery.

Silver Hills Bakery Bread comes a variety of types: Squirrelly (sunflower seeds rolled in sesame seeds), Flax, 16 Grain, Harvest Seed, Kamut, Multigrain, Raisin, 100% Whole Wheat, and Balanced which has a low glycemic index (no flour) designed for those with Diabetes. There are even three available in bagels for you cream cheese & lox-goers (my hand is raised).

Editor’s Tip: The site suggests you purchase in quantities of 15 or more to maximize shipping charge-value. Unless you’re Michael Phelps and consume a loaf a day, I’d suggest you round up a couple buddies and split the order. I recommend the Squirrely, Whole Wheat, and Rachel McAdams. Oh wait…

Cost: $6 (per loaf) | Join the Bread Club for up to 33% off