Hands at Ten and Two Please

BlueAnt Q1


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng

Los Angeles is (in)famously known for its reckless drivers and terrible roads. A quick look into any passing car window will reveal people applying eye liner, shaving, doing the morning crossword puzzle… you name it, you’ll see it. All this, while flying down the freeway gabbing about last night’s episode of The Office. As if this weren’t enough, road noise makes it near impossible to carry out a decent phone conversation (“Can you hear me now?”). Its no wonder the State of California passed a law to ban hand-held cell phone usage while driving.

Enter, the BlueAnt Q1, a product that truly combines beauty and brains. The BlueAnt Q1 features an innovative voice control function that allows users to perform simple commands by talking to the headset. Simply, say “pair headset” to pair the BlueAnt Q1 to up to 8 devices or to hear a list of commands say, “What can I say?”

Like other BlueAnt headsets, the Q1 utilizes BlueAnt’s Voice Isolation Technology (amazing, even on LA roads), dual microphones, and custom internal wind shields to provide crystal clear sound. However, unlike previous models, the BlueAnt Q1 actually has a sexy form factor. Encasing the laundry list of technology is a sleek, Jawbone2-esque body with a brushed gunmetal sheen. Oh, and did I mention the cushy silicone earpiece that holds all this snugly in your ear?


Having cycled through many headsets in the last years, the BlueAnt Q1 stands to be one of the best. Now with both hands free while driving, will Angelinos really concentrate more on driving?

Cost: $130

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