Mountain Khakis Teton Twill (Winner!)

mountain-khakis-teton-twill-winnerA couple of weeks ago, Gear Patrol contributor Jon Gaffney tested a pair of Mountain Khaki Teton Twill and as with all the curated gear we endorse here on Gear Patrol, they were to his satisfaction.

During his review, Jon also worked with Mountain Khaki’s to offer Gear Patrol readers a chance to win a pair of Teton Twill’s by simply sharing a comment that justified needing a pair. Well, we picked a comment by reader Mr_Glass who had this to say:

I work in the oil field, and have been searching for something that can sell the project in the morning, install the project in the afternoon, and then meet the job on location for troubleshooting. Carhartt just can’t cut it. it’s perfect for the field, but everyone in the office knows it can’t hack it. i need a pant that can get dirty, but make an impression as a young professional–i need to be taken seriously, but allow for troubleshooting…..prove it, mountain khakis….

We love a good challenge and you can’t deny a man who works an oil field. So, Mr_Glass, we’re sending you a pair of these Teton Twills and are looking forward to hearing your flog the living hell out of these things and letting us know how they turned out. Congrats.