Happy Trails, William J.

What’s Your Favorite Road Trip Destination? (Winner!)

bp-gift-card-winnerWell, dear Gear Patrol readers, it’s time to close the book on yet another GP Giveaway. We recently asked for your well-considered suggestions for a road trip to be named later. Unsurprisingly, your responses were numerous, thoughtful, and day-dream inducing. I hope that some of your will chronicle your summer adventures and submit your travelogues (don’t edit out the good parts) to Gear Patrol for publication via our new user submission tool.

All that remains here is to award one of your fine folks our promised $50 gas card. This time the honor (and the fossil fuel) goes to none other than William J. His road trip suggestion was spot-on, as was his beer benchmark. Here’s what William had to say:

Road trips are the best, they’re a perfect escape from the day-to-day sh&#. Here in the midwest I’ve got access to the Great Lakes and Chicago, both fantastic getaways, but sometimes I enjoy hopping into my roofless ’77 Ford Bronco, get down to Route 66 and drive until I run out of songs to play on my iPod. It’s about the best thing this side of an ice cold beer.

And William, your taste in transportation ain’t half-bad, either. Stay tuned for the next GP Giveaway; there’s another one coming right around the bend.