The New King of the Projector Mountain?

Samsung SP-A900


High-end home theater projectors are clearly a luxury that not every man can afford. However that doesn’t preclude us from drooling like a village idiot every time the technology advances. On that note, Samsung has announced the release of it’s new flagship projector, the SP-A900. Touted as improving upon the design of its predecessor the SP-A800, which received an editor’s choice award from CNET last year for “outperforming every projector in its class hands-down,” this unit has video quality fiends around the world pissing pixels.

Why the wild optimism you ask? Though it’s performance has yet to be reviewed, we feel pretty confident in its potential knowing that it was designed by one of the most famous videophiles of all time, Joe Kane (who among other things is responsible for creating the major reference calibration disks used in video quality testing). With Kane involved, it’s our bet that the SP-900 won’t disappoint. Especially since it includes Texas instruments latest DLP chip, dubbed the DarkChip 4 (a name surprisingly not coined by George Lucas), which is said to offer a 35% improvement in overall black level contrast compared to the A800.


To get one in your home theater though, at a price point of $13,000, you’ll have to either look into mortgaging a child, or embrace the Iams diet morning, noon, and night. Seriously, it might be worth it, and how could you possible say no to Samsung’s genius marketing tactic of displaying beautiful Asian women with beautiful electronics?

Price: $13,000

Via: Crave