Putt Like With A Girl

C-Groove Putters by Yes! Golf


In the world of golf equipment, technology evolves fast. Even dedicated golfers can have trouble keeping up with the latest in advanced materials, club design, COR, MOI, adjustable heads, interchangeable shafts, and what have you.  Modern golfers have found more length and forgiveness by exploiting these upgrades – for at least 13 clubs in their bag. Despite being your most important scoring club, the lowly flat stick (which isn’t flat at all) rarely is thought need a tech boost.

Lucky for us, the folks at Yes! Golf disagree. If you know anything about putting, you’ll know that setting the ball on a true roll towards the hole is the best way to get it to drop. Unfortunately, most putters (and those swinging them) induce some amount of skipping, skidding, or bouncing that can significantly increase the number of putts you take per round. That’s just the problem that Mr. Harold Swash set out to solve (and did!) in 1995. Hit the jump to find out more.

Mr. Swash is known as a Europe’s “Putting Doctor,” having coached many of their latter day Ryder Cup players. He spent many an hour hunched over his work bench, armed with little more than a passion for good putting, eventually arriving at the now patented C-Groove technology that gets the ball rolling almost immediately. The primary benefit of doing so is that the ball is far less likely to be deflected en route to the bottom of the cup.

Swash’s C-Groove technology is on full display in Yes! Golf’s complete line of putters, all of which operate on the principal. Though I’m making the case that putters need not be low-tech, they are decidedly dependent upon each individuals aesthetic preference; that which feels good and looks confidence inspiring to me, may be far different than your preferred putter.

Yes! understands this, so they offer a plethora of designs including mallets, blades, perimeter-weighted, long putters, and those with special alignment aids. I was waiting for just the right look to suit my fancy, and I found it in the Red Sandy. Its shape is similar to other putters I’ve been fond of in recent years, and it offers great alignment cues. I rock a 34″ shaft (I like to hunch), and nearly all Yes! putters are offered in the length of your choosing. Not to sound like a putting snob, but having been a long-time player of a much more expensive line of putters, I’d say that my Yes! offers better performance at a better price. I’m all about value. Now you know.


Here’s the icing on the cake: I should mention that all Yes! putters are named after some of Gear Patrol’s favorite people – women. You can choose from Callie, Tracy, Dawn, Hannah, Gina, Sophia, and more. Don’t tell me that’s not a nice touch.

Yes! putters have won numerous awards as they’ve risen in popularity on the tours over the last few years. That, and Henrik Stenson just threw down on the Player Championship whilst wielding the Donna. As I’ve said, a putter is a very personal and undoubtedly subjective thing, but the technology that drives Yes! putters will give you the best chance of sinking the most (err, fewest putts). If you are in the market, or simply the mood, for a new putter, you need to give Yes! golf a look. You might just fall in love.

Cost: $190 (Red Sandy)| Others VaryFree Towel w/ Purchase Through July