Dirty Cars Be Afraid... Very Afraid

Metropolitan Vac N’ Blo Auto Vacuum


This thing really sucks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist – cheesy and obvious.

Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company got their start in 1939 (Happy 70th Anniversary) and has grown into a multidivisional company with market share in pet grooming and drying, computer maintenance, inflators/deflators as well as car, bike, and floor care products.

The Metro Vac N Blo is quite the little machine. The unit itself is quiet, compact, and maneuverable, but the power is more than distinct. You are in for a treat with the first flip of the power switch. The torque produced by the motor of the Metro Vac N Blo is foretelling of the Terminator-like elimination of dirt and debris in your vehicle, garage, or even around the house or apartment.

The Vac N Blo comes equipped with a four-wheeled dolly (optional) and a shoulder strap for portability, as well as a “pik-all,” crevice tools, two 20″ extensions, and other versatile and functional attachments to tackle almost any job thrown at it (even inflating your raft or air mattress). Getting under the seat, in and around air vents and knobs on the dash, and vacuuming the carpets barely tap the potential Metropolitan Vacuum Co. has engineered into this beast.

metrovacFor you tech and spec junkies, here’s what impressed me:

  • 4.0 peak horsepower motor
  • 11.25 AMPS
  • 90+ inches of water lift (a measure of suction for vacuums)
  • 200 mph blower
  • 8.75 pounds

Its quality, steel-built construction (American made) and high performance are far greater than the old shop vac familiar to your grandfather and dad, and anyone who cares for their own vehicles would be well-advised to consider adding the Metro Vac N Blo to their garage arsenal.

Cost: $159+