Dipped In The Sauce Of The Day

Sector 9 Carbon Trylam TR3 Longboard

sector-9-carbon-tr3A couple weeks ago I was out at Panama City Beach enjoying myself in the good weather, partaking in spring break activities, and hanging out with some coeds. Amidst the long nights and chillin’ on the beach, I found time to hit up a surf shop and next thing you know, I’ve got myself a Sector 9 Carbon Trylam T3 longboard.

The Carbon Trylam is constructed with 4 plys of maple, sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber and fiberglass. According to the Sector 9, they’re also “dipped in the sauce of the day.” Perfect, but the fact that it’s constructed with carbon fiber pretty much had me sold.

The board is lightweight and has a great spring to it. Matched with some Gullwing trucks, 72mm grippy wheels, and Abec 7 bearings, this rig is perfect for hauling and carving. This, of course, learned while tearing down the strip passing up cars caught in traffic. The TR3 is definitely a head turner, even more so with the skills it’ll have you demonstrating.

Cost: $189 | $187 @ Amazon