Trent Pitts | New Gear Patrol Contributor

From Brian Huang: It’s my pleasure to introduce Trent Pitts. One of our newest Gear Patrol Contributors, he hails from a state with great outdoor activities and fantastic BBQ (although my TN roots might dispute that one). Gadget geek, family man, traveler, and an active lifestyle make Trent a welcome addition to our crew.


Gadgets, tools, electronics…can’t live without them. My brothers call me James Bond, because I’m always searching for the best in equipment – great quality, yet for a reasonable price. Needless to say, I am honored to be a contributor for Gear Patrol. Cheers to my like-minded brethren!

I grew up in North Carolina, and I’m still here. This is a nice place to live; we’ve got the Blue Ridge Mountains and fantastic beaches. I am located right in the middle of it all, near Charlotte and just across from Lake Norman, so I have access to a great testing ground for Gear Patrol.

I have a young son and, as they say, “they don’t take after strangers.” He has most definitely inherited the gadget gene and wastes no time in trying to take them all apart. In a momentary lapse of reason, I bought him his own tool kit – but at least now I have my own socket set back.

My family and I like to travel, especially out to Colorado to ski. Locally, we do a lot of hiking, flat-water kayaking, camping, and venturing into Charlotte for a great meal of dim sum and chrysanthemum tea. Best of all is grilling out back (with lump charcoal, of course) and relaxing while the red-shouldered hawks call out from the edge of the woods.

Gear Patrol is on to something good and gaining ground fast – it is exciting to be a part of this ever-expanding gadget-reviewing empire… and I’m glad to be of service!

Trent can be reached for question or comments via e-mail at [email protected].