The Evolution of Espresso



Like most of the writers here at Gear Patrol, I’ve developed an addiction and a fine appreciation for caffeine. A straight cup of black coffee is my standard, but I like to up the ante with an occasional shot of espresso. I’ve owned the nice combo machines that froth the milk and pull shots, but the amount of clean up required has lead to them acquiring a nice collection of dust atop my machine. Additionally, the bulky espresso machines are stuck at home on the counter. I want to meet my caffeinated needs while on the go; be it at the office or while camping.

I’m convinced that the Handpresso was made specifically for me. At first glance, the machine looks a bit like a miniature space station or deep sea diving vessel, but this is due to the amazing simplicity of its creation and its notable lack of moving parts. The Handpresso is very simple to use:

  • About 30 seconds of pumping to get the gauge in the “green zone”.
  • Unscrew the portafilter and add about 2 ounces of hot water.
  • Place an espresso pod (easily found at most grocery stores) on the top of the portafilter.
  • Press the pressure release forcing the hot water through the pod.
  • Espresso has been created.


I stared down into the small cup of espresso. A beautiful layer of caramel colored crème hovered on the surface of this caffeine packed shot. A small sip led to the exquisite taste of espresso goodness. The best part about this shot? Nearly zero clean up required; I dumped the used pod and rinsed the spout of the Handpresso and I was good to go. When the Handpresso is paired with their unbreakable espresso glasses and a padded protective carrying case, you are only minutes away from having delicious espresso literally anywhere. The Handpresso would be great to keep in the desk drawer (for a boost from that after lunch hump) or thrown in a backpack for the next camping trip (skip that nasty instant stuff).

Cost: $100