The Department of Productivity Called...

Hulu Desktop


Don’t lie. You catch up on episodes of Lost and The Office at work. It’s okay, we do too. Well, Hulu’s schemes to “turn your brains into mushy mush mush” are getting a boost with the new Hulu Desktop Application.

Hulu is calling Hulu Desktop a lean-back viewing experience for your PC. It’s got an apple-esque interface designed to work with Windows Media Center or your Apple Remote Control. You can navigate the dearth of videos on Hulu with your remote, keyboard or mouse. We’ve embedded a video of how the Hulu Desktop Application works after the jump. I can already see Ben Bower’s jonesing to get this integrated into his media center.

Wait a sec… We’re getting a call. Looks like it’s the Department of Productivity. They want you back.

Cost: FREE