And, No, We Aren't Interested In Your Latest Facebook Update

Question: What’s Your Status?


One of the best things about Gear Patrol is that it brings together men of all walks. We like to think our fine humble community serves as a veritable melting-pot for men of all stripes; your comments tell us that you come from different places, backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies, yet we are all striving to advance ourselves and mankind. It’s a beautiful thing and glad you’re along for the ride.

We try to keep tabs on what’s most important to you, the men of our esteemed community, via polls and our Question(s) of the Week. With the mercury on the rise, the current query asks about your dealings with a significant other (or lack thereof). You’ll find the poll on the right side of any page (or after the jump on this post). I checked the Al Bundy box; so, what say you?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments below either, should the pithy poll responses fail to adequately describe your more, umm… complex situation(s). Who knows, unloading your relationship dilemma(s) to your fellow man might even elicit some useful advice. After all, that’s why we’re here. Happy hunting, men.