Athletic Body Care

To the athletic man amongst us: we know that you demand a lot from your body. It’s high time you took care of it with products that perform at an equally high level, created by men who also know what it’s like to take a beating and then come back for more. In this story, that creator is Adam Page. Back in 2004, Page, the owner of a martial arts school in Los Angeles, became concerned about the growing spread of germs and viruses in training facilities and gym locker rooms. Then, true to his martial arts training, he set about kicking the ass of any and all unwanted infection vectors. Thus, Athletic Body Care was born.

Hit the jump for my impressions on pair of ABC products.

cpwPower Body Wash

Like other body wash products, ABC’s Power Body Wash gets you clean after your workout. Unlike other washes, it rids your skin of nasty germs and odors gently and effectively – without the use of harsh, skin-drying alcohols. Its natural composition is definite plus, getting the sanitizing done via a mixture of salts, minerals, and other natural extracts like green tea and sandalwood. It’s Jojoba beads work to exfoliate the skin without overdrying it, as well (check: it works). Whereas many body washes claim to have an invigorating scent, Power Body Wash actually makes good on this without being obnoxious or overpowering. Further, ABC’s wash suffers no lack of foam-up-ability (a technical term within the soap-review community). Also, I’m sure you’ll agree that a product that works to prevent annoying ailments like jock itch and athlete’s foot is a worthy one. I’ve definitely felt refreshed by using it post-workout.

Cost: $12

abc-pain-relief-bottlePain Relief Cream

In addition to their prevention lineup, Athletic Body Care also offers several products designed to help you recover from your physical endeavors. Their Pain Relief Cream is meant to do just what you think it is – help you soothe sore muscles after you’ve pushed them to the limit (or beyond?). If you’ve ever used a product like this before, you’ve likely encounter either a greasy smear, a rant smell, or both. ABC got it right with this one, because neither problem plagues their Pain Relief Cream. Instead, you’ll find their mentholated cream (proven technology) combined with Celadrin (a new, all-natural anti-inflammatory compound) working to soothe muscles and return flexibility and lubrication to aching joints. To frank, my joints suck. After a vigorous workout, I’m not stranger to sore elbows, shoulders, and knees. ABC’s Pain Relief Cream is nothing short of a Godsend, particularly for a grease-o-phobe like myself.

Cost: $20

Athletic Body Care makes some quality products. That, and GP always likes to salute real men who see a problem and tackle it head-on. Though, in this case, ABC is pounding the germs with more of a hadoken.