Your Reward for Less Waste? How About More Wine.

French rabbit Wines


I love wine. I love to drink it, to discuss its complex flavors, and, most of all, to enjoy the time shared with friends over a good bottle. Well, if the folks at French rabbit wines have their way, I’ll be enjoying my vino from a carton from here on out. What’s that you say? You’ve had box wine. Not like this, my friend.

To be fair, French rabbit wine’s Tetra Prism is hardly a box. This 100% recyclable container produces 90% less waste than its glass counterpart and the entire package only accounts for 4% of the total product weight as opposed to 35-50% for a glass bottle. The sad truth is that we don’t do enough to protect Mother Earth. Who knew drinking wine could be part of that contribution? What then is the reward for your greener endeavors? The Tetra Prism holds 2 extra glasses over a traditional wine bottle. Sounds Tastes like a win-win.


The fact is, there is nothing wrong with packaging wine in a box. Box wines have gotten a bad rap because, simply put, the wine in the box sucks. To put your mind at ease, I enlisted the always ready Ben Bowers to help sample a few of French rabbit’s offerings. Here’s what we thought:


I found the Merlot to be very bold after a subtle start. I almost wrote off this wine at first sip, but that would have been a mistake. Give it a second to state it’s case. The finish is where this Merlot comes to life. I don’t like overly-dry wines (read: Cabernet Sauvignon) and, in that regard, the Merlot didn’t disappoint. It managed to walk the fine line between fruity and spicy. I could easily see this accompanying me to a summer BBQ or picnic (no corkscrew needed) where Chardonnay usually rules.


When Patrick “twisted” my arm to try out a boxed chardonnay, thoughts of solo cups and “Tour de Franzia” from my college days came to mind. Looking at the French rabbit, though, made me realize this would be an entirely different affair. Despite being in a box, the design and artwork was classy and implied refinement. I knew I wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve this at home or offer it as a gift to friends. However, since Gear Patrol’s all about first-hand testing, while cooking some fish with my girlfriend, we decided to give the chardonnay a try. I’ll state up front that, given my druthers, I’ll always be a red kind of guy, but this chardonnay represented its lighter-colored counterparts admirably. Since it’s not overwhelmingly fruity, it definitely packs enough body to handle robust meals while still maintaining a refreshing edge. The Tetra Prism packaging also extended the wine’s lifespan, thanks to its screw top design, and the last glass it produced 3 days later still tasted excellent. You can’t ask for much more from a casual white table wine.


In our humble opinion, bringing a bottle of wine to a party makes a statement. Besides the customary thank you, your selection is a reflection of not only yourself, but also of what you think about your company. This is not the wine to introduce to wine snobs. They won’t see past the packaging. To us, that’s what made it unique and interesting (not to mention environmentally conscious). Besides, the packaging is an instant conversation starter. At $10, not only won’t it break the bank, but it’s a step towards preserving our planet.

The next time you’re tasked with selecting your dinner party’s wine ponder this – 25 truck loads of empty glass wine bottles could fit in 1 truck if they were empty French rabbit cartons.

Ed Note: French rabbit has partnered with American Forests to help replant trees in areas damaged by disease, logging, or natural disasters. For every 4 French rabbit wines sold, one tree is planted.

Cost: $10