Spy Optic Hailwood and Bronsen


Now that the age old questions has been settled (you know, the one about which sunglasses look best covering your wacky mug), it’s high time that you slough off those discount store shades in favor of a more robust pair. By robust, I mean high quality and stylish to boot. I love companies that make a great product and project the right attitude. On those two counts, Spy Optic, and the brilliant eyewear they offer, has nailed it. I was leafing through their summer catalog, not expecting to find a commentary on the current economic situation, yet, there it was.

Spy says: “We don’t actually give a damn about the doom and gloom surrounding us. We care about the space between reality that gets you through the day.” Well said, friends. That, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that Spy offers bold designs and a mad variety. Take a gander at their selections and you won’t fail to find a pair of sunglasses to suit your fancy. I recently took a turn with two models from their Addict Series, the Hailwood and Bronsen models.

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Spy’s Addict Series embodies the company’s core design philosophies, using high end materials to create fashion foward forms. The Hailwood (pictured above, in Brown Stripe Tortoise with Bronze lenses), is the newest frame in the line and has recieved some much deserved acclaim. This pair has a large-ish profile which makes an equally bold statement. If you choose to partake, just make sure your dome can support their visual heft. The frame itself measures 60-16-127. I’d also point out that the Tortoise design and gloss finish on these sunglasses is one of the most gorgeous finishes I’ve seen in some time.

I also checked out the Bronson (pictured at top, in Shiny Black with Grey lenses). Their form is slightly lower profile than that of the Hailwood, but the Bronsens are still a mid to large framed choice. They clock in at 60-19-123. These glasses absolutely exude an understated cool. Let’s just say that wearing the Bronsen can affect your posture pretty drmatically; you’ll need to give up on pressing forward and, instead, choose to lean back.

The Hailwood and the Bronsen represent but two of Spy’s many offerings. Have a look and get excited about their generous offer to make you (look) cooler.

Cost: Hailwood from $109 | Bronsen from $119