Skip The Ties & Cufflinks, Get Him Gear Patrol-Approved Gear

Father’s Day Gift Guide


When it comes to men, there’s few people that have influenced our lives as men more than good ol’ dad. He’s to thanks (sometimes, blame) for a lot of the traits that;s made you the man you are today. This year, Gear Patrol has put together a gift guide that forgoes the ties, cufflinks, and typical tchotchkes in lieu of some alternative Gear Patrol approved gift ideas that’ll make you look like a gifting hero. Ranging from $10 to $550, we’ve got a smattering of gear that should suffice any father, and maybe even you too (hint hint).

Cereus Pour Homme Fragrance

Because Dad’s Cologne Was The First You Tried

cereus-pour-homme-no14Skip the mainstream fragrance brands and get your father a cologne as unique as he is. The Cereus Pour Homme Fragrance Collection is designed to appeal to a wide variety of men. Go with No. 14, a fantastically simple fragrance with notes of wood, grapefruit, tarragon, sage, amber cognac, and warm musk.

Cost: $125

Orb Audio Classic One Stereo Speaker System

Because Dad Deserves Better Sound

orb-audio-classic-oneYour dad may not necessarily care about 5.1, 6.1, and 29.4 sound systems, but he was your age once and he most likely had a sound system. Likely, one that he thought sounded awesome and played his vinyl just the way he liked it. Upgrade your dad’s old system with a 1-2 punch, the Orb Audio Classic One Stereo Speaker System. It weighs in at $549, but the warm sounding Classic Ones and punchy sub woofer might make this Father’s Day both nostalgic and modern.

Cost: $549

Sansa slotRadio

Because Dad Doesn’t Care About iPod’s

sansa-slotradioYes, your dad knows what an iPod is. Your dad also doesn’t care about them. He wants his music simple and he wants it easy. Sansa slotRadio takes out all the guesswork by providing a tiny portable player preloaded with 1,000 songs from the Billboard Charts organized into genres he can understand. Also available are additional cards with 1,000 songs chosen from Billboard Charts in Rock, Contemporary, Alternative, Country, Chillout, and Workout. the slotRadio has a built-in beltclip, FM Tuner, and plays for 13 hours between charges. No downloads + No hassle = Happy Dad.

Cost: $99

PF Flyers Sum Fun

Because Dad Is A Classic

pf-flyers-sum-fun-sport-shoeThe PF Flyers Sum Fun shoes were originally created in the 1940’s (perhaps the same time your dad was born). They represent vintage design with modern construction and have a Posture Foundation insole. They’re available in black and natural (our vote is for natural).

Cost: $74

John Allan’s Face 15

Because Dad Is Out In The Sun Too

john-allans-face-15Grooming isn’t just for you. Toss dad’s Aqua Velva or other concoction and replace it with a moisturizer packing SPF like John Allan’s Face 15. Face 15 soothes and moisturizes with its aloe vera and helps prevent sun damage and wrinkles with green tea extracts along with vitamins (A, C, E). His face will thank you.

Cost: $15

DIRECTV HD DVR + Subscription

Because Dad Took You To Your First Ball Game

directv-hd-dvr-subscriptionYour dad spent all that time taking you to your Little League, AYSO, and high school games. He took you to your first pro ball game and to many thereafter. Doesn’t dad deserve to get sports on his own terms? Let him soak in the sublime realization that he’s got nearly every sport available (in the world) through one of DIRECTV’S sports subscription packages. Even better, let him set his own DVR to record them in glorious high definition via phone or internet. This time, dad’s first.

Cost: $30+ or Amazon

TaylorMade R9 460 Driver

Because Dad Deserves To Out Drive You

taylormade-r9-460The first time you got behind the wheel of a golf cart was probably a good memory. The first time you out-drove your dad was probably a great memory too. Return the favor and give dad a leg up with the TaylorMade R9 460, a brand new driver in the TaylorMade R9 family. The deeper-back CG position of the R9 460 will ensure his drives are high and long and that any wayfaring balls are controlled through the high moment-of-inertia clubhead. If you’re playing this Father’s Day, why not take a little less swing and give Dad a chance to out-do your youthful back. Let him relish the moment… and new driver.

Cost: $300

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