From the Starboard Side to the Upper East Side

Paul & Shark Watershed Cardigan


Paul & Shark is a company with which I have a great wealth of personal experience; I’ve sold their sportswear in the past and I absolutely love it. I’m excited that I have the opportunity to introduce Paul & Shark and its amazing products to you, our Gear Patrol readers.

Paul & Shark has a tremendous reputation as one of the premier sportswear companies worldwide; that, and they just so happen to make yachting gear that’s the envy of the America’s Cup. Putting the true meaning into the tag “Made in Italy,” Paul & Shark is a vertical company (meaning it creates its own fabric, then designs and produces its own lines, all in-house) producing everything in Italy, right outside of Milan. Paul & Shark clothing is inspired by the sea, offering classic styling with a touch of European flair, great colors and patterns, all infused with unsurpassed quality.

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One example of Paul & Shark’s craftsmanship is the Watershed full-zip cotton cardigan (pictured here on a reticent Dusty). This is a classically-styled cotton sweater that is pitch perfect for those cool summer nights or midyear days with scattered showers. What makes this jacket/cardigan different from others is the fact that Paul & Shark has actually coated the yarn before knitting with Teflon™ to create “watershed” protection. That process of coating the fibers is in contrast to most companies who brag about their water repellent jackets after simply spraying a Teflon™ coating on post-production.

paul-and-shark-watershed-cardigan-sideThis jacket has everything one would want in a three-season, lightweight jacket. It offers a collar that stands up on its own around the back of the neck (but not too high), well made elastic cuffs and waistband, and, something I look for in all jackets, a metal zipper.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Paul & Shark and you appreciate quality-made sportswear, then I encourage you to go to one of the company’s US store locations (most notably, New York and Beverly Hills) or to its website to see the array of products they offer. Paul & Shark is one of those companies where, if I were forced to wear only one brand, I would be pleased to choose theirs due to its attractive styling and brilliant performance.

Please don’t be confused by the company’s insignia. It has nothing to do with Greg “The Shark” Norman. No wide-brim hats here, just the highest quality, European duds.

Cost: $469 | For Purchase Call A P&S Retail Store, Ask for Item #P09P0014