Balancing Your Inner Chi

Phiten MLB Authentic Collection

By Gear Patrol Reader Steve Ryu:

Not many can say that they received a heads up from Vin Scully, yes, the Vin Scully. Well, I can. Being in the category of resurrected Dodger fans (even though I’m a Cleveland fan), I was watching a game, focusing on the pitcher who was feeling nervous after getting himself into a deep count. Through the wonders of HDTV and 1080p, there was a close-up of the pitcher and, around his neck, a colorful looking necklace that Vin Scully begins talking about. Scully mention the necklace as sporting a technology widely used in Japan but quickly catching on in the States. My fingers were itching to search out this mystery memorabilia and, when I did, here’s what turned up:

phiten-mlb-collection-bracelet-s-typeEvery athlete with a competitive streak strives to go harder and longer every possession, inning, or down. Phiten products can help you do this too, with their “aqua titanium” technology which “normalizes your body’s bioelectric current, improving the alignment of ions.” This, in turn, increases blood flow and relaxes your muscles. Still skeptical? Phiten’s website lists a bevy of athletes that use and support Phiten. Still skeptical? Buy one and use it. In all honesty, this reader only purchased the necklace because it looked cool, but was amazed when it started working as advertised.

In addition to the necklace, Phiten offers other products such as lotion, tapes, and supports, all said to work well, but in the middle of the baseball season, you’ve gotta have something with your team’s logo. A Phiten MLB Collection necklace may be the closest you can get to emulating your favorite MLB player without having to take female hormones to hide your performance enhancers (sorry, Manny).

Cost: From $28 (Necklace) | $25 (Bracelet)

Steve Ryu is an avid Gear Patrol reader and supporter, as well as a sports enthusiast, workout junkie, and cigar lover.