Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 21: Know How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Every generation has its defining crisis, a moment in history where hostile elements are tensely opposed to the max and shit’s going down one way or the other. As you can imagine, for each circumstance there is a decisive call to action – one that requires more than some emotionally dramatic upheaval. The proper response really requires a stage in mankind’s moral advancement, whether that be declaring war on global fascism or participating in the Civil Rights Movement.

Our generation hasn’t escaped this call to action. Read on.

This is, of course, easier said than done, especially when one of the defining challenges of our age, global warming, is not blatantly visible but rather hidden behind science lab doors and partisan bickering. Nevertheless, we cannot be caught with our pants down and, at least until the necessary technologies can be commercialized, we must, to paraphrase Ghandi, be the change we seek. In case you were wondering, now is a good time to start. Below you will find a quick list of services, products, and tips that can help you get there from here.

Green Services: – Breathe new life into your old gadgets and make money at the same time. – Protect trees and your student bank account by renting textbooks. – Why read paper magazines when there are digital magazines (and Gear Patrol)? – 1) Use it more often 2) Perhaps one day televisions will become obsolete too?

Green Products for the Yard:

cyber-rain-xci-sprinkler-systemXCI Cyber Rain Sprinker System ($399)
Connect to weather satellites to adjust your watering schedule to rain and other climate patterns as well as keep track of how much water you’re saving in real-time via PC.

Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Electric Hedge Trimmer ($84)
With a 22 inch dual action blade and a battery lasting 30 min, you can shape 1200 sq. ft of greenery to your heart’s content without creating fumes.

Nature Mill Composter ($299)
Does everything itself from mixing to aerating, and over 70% of initial food waste is converted into thin air. The result? Odorless composting and nitrogen rich fertilizer.

Green Products for the Office:

herman-miller-c2-climate-controlHerman Miller C2 Climate Control ($280)
Pulling an overnight at the office? Turn off the thermostat and control the temperature of your immediate workspace while using 90% less energy than the typical space heater.

Xcelerator Hand Dryer @, $440.
Dries your paws in 10-15 seconds, is the most energy efficient hand dryer out there, and feels like a hand sized wind tunnel. Did I mention that it can be chrome plated?

Green Print @, $29
Auto or manually remove wasteful pages, text, and images – like those bajillion online advertisements – from a print job. Green Print keeps track of paper and money saved.

Green Products for the Pad:

black-and-decker-thermal-leak-detectorBlack & Decker Thermal Leak Detector ($50)
You’re like the Predator, looking for Ahnold’s body heat…only you detect energy leaks to better insulate your home and save energy costs. Okay, not very exciting but, hey, $ is $.

Passive Infrared Wall Switch Vacancy/Occupancy Sensor @, $36
Clap on, Clap off? Screw that. How about Walk in, Walk out?

Isole IDP3050 8-outlet Power Strip @, $90
Same technology as above. The power strip’s internal occupancy sensor turns on items like flat screen TV’s when a room is occupied and off when it’s vacated. Sweet. Laziness.

Green Lifestyle Tips

1. Buy local. It is estimated that the average meal travels well over 1,200 miles by truck, ship, and/or plane before it reaches your table. Check out for a complete list of locations nearest you.

2. Shower with your significant other.

3. Go veggie once a week. The amount of electricity required to feed, water, slaughter, and package a pound of beef equals a gallon of gasoline.

4. Carry your own refillable bottle.

5. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs; they last up to 10,000 hours – 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs – and use 66% less energy.

Lets continue the conversation. Do you have any recommendations for reducing your carbon footprint? Share them in the comments below. Help your fellow man put out just a little less CO2 (pun not intended).