Making The Cheap Seats Even Better, One Monster Seed At A Time

BIGS Sunflower Seeds

bigs_bacon_bag-hi-res-jpgGuys love sunflower seeds. They smack of summer, baseball, and spitting – a manly lineup if ever there was one. Many of you probably have your own seed-smashing techniques, honed over years of sitting on a weathered pine bench in a shady dugout somewhere in your past. When it comes to a chaw of sunflowers seeds, I tend to eat the whole thing, but that’s another story.

You might not think that the tried and true, salty goodness of a standard sunflower seed could be improved upon. I’m not sure that I did either, until I ran up against a bag of BIGS Sunflower Seeds.

What sets BIGS apart from your run of the mill ballpark fare? So far as I can see (taste, chew), BIGS have got three, well, big advantages over their scrawnier competitors.

  1. They are available in some most excellent flavors (see below).
  2. They come packaged in a high-quality, resealable bag. Freshness=Check.
  3. They really are really, really big.

The biggest (I just can’t stop myself) news here is the smattering of well-paired flavors you can get in a bag o’ BIGS. My personal favorite flavor is Sizzlin’ Bacon, a collaboration with our good friends at Bacon Salt. BIGS also offers seeds in Buffalo Wing, (a very tangy) Dill Pickle, Zesty Ranch, or Original Salted (for you traditionalists). Whichever you choose, just make sure that you come to play. BIGS Sunflower Seeds are not for the fairweather fan.

Cost: $17 (12 Bags)