Comfortable And Philanthropic

Nau Juncture 13 Shorts


Nau is a brand that should be making it onto your fashion radar, especially if you care about your footprint on this earth. They’re deeply rooted in an ethical and responsible approach to the products they produce; these tactics includes everything from sustainable material sourcing, to their corporate credo, to their commitment to positive change. All things I’m firmly for. In this case, they also make some kick-ass shorts.

Toss out the tattered Old Navy’s and upgrade to a pair of modern shorts. The Nau Juncture 13’s are made of 98% organic cotton twill with oversized loops for your oversized belt, and bulk-reducing poplin pocket bags that are cut at an angle to prevent your iPhone from falling out (thank you very much). You’ll love them for your next hike just as much as for weekend tooling around as the inclusion of a touch of spandex gives you the flexibility you want while you’re biking, bouldering… or, well, beer-ing.

Editor’s Note: 2% of your Nau purchases go to a cause of your choice. Comfortable and philanthropic. That’s definitely GP approved.

Cost: $85