Man Up Your Desk

West Elm Sawhorse Table


By Gear Patrol Reader Zach Warner

Someway, somehow, most men are obsessed with office accoutrements, whether they realize it or not. I’m apt to say that most of you reading this will agree that a requirement for any man is to have a proper workspace – beyond the office cubicle, no matter how small or expansive. A proper desk is a place for a man to write letters, pay bills, or write out one’s memoirs.

West Elm is a perfect upgrade from your stuck-to-IKEA-but-know-the-quality-struggles ways. Say no to particle board and move your way into actual, quality furniture. I endorse the Sawhorse Worktable, perhaps because I use it as my own desk and it’s where I’m typing this very guest post from. It’s got a modern industrial look about it, with black nickel finish sawhorse legs and a wide-open glass worktop. As a good desk should, it promotes creativity, clarity, and a generally productive mindset. Yes, wooden desks are great, but they’re also a dime a dozen. Why not try something more modern, simple, and clean. You know… like yourself.

Cost: $449

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