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Pygmy Boats Borealis XL Kayak


By Gear Patrol Reader Chris Hoffman:

As a guy that does a fair share of kayaking, I’ve seen the inside of more than a few vessels. The Borealis XL is one of more stunning craft you’ll find in the world of kayaking. The XL designation, is as you expect for more “substantial” men (230 – 300 lbs, like me) or, perhaps, average-statured men just looking for additional space.

The Borealis is a solo touring kayak. Its computer-aided hull design measures in at 17 feet in length, 13″ deck height and features a 25.5″ beam for a super-stable ride. The entire package makes for a ride that’s surprisingly easy to navigate for long-distance kayak tours in either freshwater or the ocean; the trip will be even better since the Borealis boasts plenty of room for your camping gear. Anyone up for a ride?

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Cost: $963


About the Author: Chris, newly residing in Cincinnati, OH is also new to the Gear Patrol community. He feels comfortable only sharing that you’ll never find him on Facebook, preferring the great outdoors for networking… with the trees.