Now Featuring: "The Awesome Bar"

Firefox 3.5


50%. That’s the percentage of Gear Patrol readers who use Firefox to read the crew and our readers’ glorious articles and posts. That’s a hefty portion.

If you’re specs obsessed like me, then you care about everything from dimensions, to manufacturing processes, to performance, so why skimp when it comes to your web browsing? Firefox 3.5 is out now and it boogies. Included in the myriad of new features is something called “The Awesome Bar” which is a self-learning tool that works with you to get you to your sites, faster. Type in words or phrases you remember into the address bar and Firefox will pull up URL’s of sites you most frequently visit so, rather than having to remember, you’ll just need to remember “bank” and Firefox will assist. If you’re absent-minded like me, this will prove to be a time savior. Nice.

Drop the slow-browsing succubus that is Internet Explorer and upgrade to a browser worthy of your gear-obsessed searching.

Cost: Free