Sports Protection Evolved

McDavid Hexpad Technology


As I get a little older, I don’t bounce back from bumps and bruises quite like I used to. My mind still wants to go like I’m a kid, but my body inevitably pays the price. Now, with McDavid Hexpad Technology, I can still enjoy my contact sports without the fear of being gimpy the next day. McDavid HexPad Technology is protection that flexes and moves with your body to enhance performance.

McDavid’s offerings range from heavy-duty to lightweight protection and they offer pants, shorts, shirts, and accessories. Finding the appropriate piece is as easy as selecting your intended sport. As you can see, McDavid has placed just the right amount of padding in the right places for each sport they cover. Read more about Hexpad Technoligy here.

My favorite aspect is that the apparel is very lightweight and easily conceals under normal clothing (read: no bulk). I took my 5-pad sleeveless body shirt with me for a little pick-up game in the park near my apartment. After a couple of hours of banging bodies under the glass, I was very happy to have the protection and that no one was the wise to my secret.

The potential uses for McDavid Hexpad technology aren’t limited to contact sports. They offer sliding shorts for baseball or soccer, as well as options that are perfect for mountain biking or snowboarding. Prices vary based on the amount and size of padding.

Cost: $38+ Shirts | $50+ Shorts | $9+ Sports Medicine | $8+ Pads