Turn Up the Heat with Some California Cool

Element Grill by Fuego


When it comes to buying a grill, there’s no doubt that your primary concern is finding a unit that can get the job done. Every man needs a deckhand that will help him sear, char, and grill with the greatest of ease and aplomb. Now, thanks to Fuego and their new Element Grill, there’s no reason that your fiery friend can’t look good in the process. Due out this month, the grill will be offered in four finishes, seen after the jump.

Read on for more details and photos.

pers_lid_hangingThe Element represents an impressive fusion of form and function. Its handsome, modern looks are immediately apparent and, with a square footprint of only 27″ on each side, the Element can fit unobtrusively into nearly any space. I’m particularly keen on the grill’s ability to hide its otherwise unsightly fuel source, the ubiquitous propane tank.

Functionally, the Element offers up a 24,000 BTU, dual-zone burner that offers you indirect heat for roasting or baking via zone 1 as well as the direct heat you need for traditional grilling when you engage zone 2. Additionally, as specially designed lid create convection for faster closed cooking. In addition to the included cast-iron grill, Fuego offers an optional pizza stone and griddle surface to increase the Element’s versatility. Additional features include a swing-out wood prep tray and a swivel caster base.

If you’ve been dodging your grill duties for fear of cluttering up your minimalist outdoor living space, your excuses are done. Get in line for an Element grill and retake your right to feed on the open flame.

Cost: $399 – $599 (Pre-Order Only at Present, But Receive a Free Cover)