Filling Up Your iPod, 5 Tracks At A Time

Quick Mix: The Whitest Boy Alive, Blocparty, Kennedy, Glasvegas, and Elevation


Say hello to the Gear Patrol Quick Mix, a new initiative to get you some new tunes on your cobweb laden music collection. We’ll spoon feed you a variety of new tunes with each new Quick Mix covering a variety of music genres from a variety of tastes. Some you’ll like, some you’ll hate, but the best part is you don’t have to go looking for it. That’s what GP’s all about.

Today’s inaugural Quick Mix comes from this guy (two thumbs pointed) and it’s got a theme you should see a reoccurrence of with my mixes: soundtrack-y. Most likely because I’m one of those guys that goes about my day thinking of what song would be perfect for any particular moment (think: Cameron Crowe). And though Ben constantly chides me for my abhorrent lack of hip-hop, I should have some surprises up my sleeve (I’ve got a thing for West Coast rap). Oh, and sorry pop-culture, but this mix won’t include any Michael Jackson.

Tracks, previews, and reviews after the jump.

“Timebomb” by The Whitest Boy Alive

the-whites-boy-alive-rules-artwork1It’s ironic I start with this song because when it comes to my music, the artist name is also how many of my friends often describe my taste in music. So be it. I embrace it with open arms. The Whitest Boy Alive is helmed by the lead singer of The Kings of Convenience. You may also recognize the group from the video of me climbing into the trunk of a Lincoln MKS. Same group. It’s got a great guitar riff to it and I’m a sucker for spacious sound.

Cost: $17

“Signs” by Blocparty

bloc-party-intimacy-artworkI’ve never been a big Blocparty listener, but “Signs” still ranks as one of my favorite tunes. It’s consistently played my iPod, and now I’m sharing it with you. Unlike M. Night Shamayalanamanadingdong’s movie it doesn’t leave you disappointed – the haunting vocals, bass, electronic tones, and xylophone carry from start to stop and never let go.

Cost: $15

“Karate” by Kennedy

kennedy-life-is-an-afterparty-artworkLet me first say that I could not rightfully endorse the remainder of Kennedy’s album Life is An Afterparty. Perhaps because I’ve not been able to make it past thirty seconds of any other song, but “Karate” is a great song for the summer and even if you don’t know karate or jujitsu as Kennedy swells over a catchy upbeat tune, it still makes for a great after work tune to drive home to.

Cost: $5

“Geraldine” by Glasvegas

glasvegas-album-artworkI made a trip in my formative years to Edinburgh, Scotland and this song reminds me of two things from my time there. 1. The idiotic idea my travel mate and I had to jog a loop around city center that included this ridiculous stairway that would make any athlete cringe, and me yak my breakfast. 2. The wonderful scottish accents of some of the beautiful women that roamed Edinburgh. For some reason “Geraldine” reminds me of that trip, and I’ve got it on my summer rotation.

Cost: $8

“Maybe Tomorrow” by Elevation

elevation-strangelove-album-artworkThis Southern rock band works to defeat the stereotype of “Southern Rock” with some pretty great tunes on their debut album Strangelove. The more upbeat “Razoreyes” is more likely a crowd pleaser at your next BBQ, but this year’s unrelenting rainy weather in New York has had its impact on my playlists. “Maybe Tomorrow” has pretty much been my sentiment with the hope that tomorrow will not include a mid-afternoon deluge.

Cost: $10

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