Your New Summer All-Season Sandal



Summer is here (well hopefully by you, in Maine it’s still Monsoon season..grrr). Either way, good sandals are irreplaceable and essential when it comes to the helter-swelter. After spending the last two years in the South, I became acquainted with the best sandals this side of Rainbows, and they’re Chaco’s. They have yet to make their way North in force, based wholly on anecdotal observation, but it shan’t be long.

Hit the jump to get my impressions of Chaco’s legendary performance (and floatability).

chacos-all-floating-jon-gaffneyMade in tiny Paonia, CO each sandal is based on their Pediatrist recommended BioCentric foot beds that give you great support, while maintaining the comfort aspect of sandals. Heck of a lot better than some other Pediatrist recommended footwear, looking at you huge white Grandpa New Balances. Chacos offer four different sandal configs Z/1’s, Z/2’s, Zong, and Hipthongs. All of which are made with environmentally friendly glues, Vibram soles, and the ability to have straps or soles repaired at the Colorado facility (with a 5 day turnaround, no less). After demoing all four sandals, I’d say you can’t go wrong with any of them. Comfortable all day and non-dorky looking, pick a pair up to kick around in for many more summers.

Editor’s Top: There is a break in period on the soles so don’t be surprised. After a week or so you’ll be good to go, and looking at another pair to buy. If you’re going to be doing a lot of water activities with these, the Pro sole is the way to go.

Cost: $75-$105 | Amazon