I'm Bringing Sexy Vac

Dyson DC25 The Ball


I’ll start with an unapologetic confession; I freaking love to vacuum. I used to feel a bit defensive about this proclivity, as such a chore has been historically derided as a woman’s work. A discussion of gender roles notwithstanding, I now proudly say that a good vacuuming session should be an appealing task for the mind of a man.

Think about this: restoring your dirty floors is one way to banish the chaos from your domicile. A vacuum is a tool offering instant gratification. With one fell swoop you can see the evidence (or lack thereof) of your handiwork. Thanks to Dyson, you’ll feel nearly omnipotent when you literally harness the power of a cyclone. It’s the ultimate domestic power trip. Before test driving the Dyson DC25, I wasn’t sure if the British brand was all hype or the real thing. I can now proudly say that their Ball technology can make over anyone into a floor-scouring superhero.

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dyson-dc25-the-ballYes, Dyson has a great back story, they run snappy advertisements sure to please the Anglophile in all of us, and their vacuums and appliances go beyond aesthetically pleasing in the looks department, but it’s their performance that really sets them apart. In brief, the DC25 really sucks. And in this case, that’s a very good thing.

I really can’t imagine a much better vacuum than the DC25, or the Ball as it may be affectionately and descriptively called. First of all, it offers powerful and continuous suction. This is the feature on which the Dyson brand reputation was originally built, and it’s as true as ever. The real revolution that this model offers comes via it’s Ball. The Ball equals unparalleled maneuverability (see photos). The DC25 isn’t exactly lightweight, but that doesn’t matter at all, as the vac glides effortlessly around any obstacles or furniture or children/pets. This is the sort of design feature that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without until you experienced it.

Beyond that, the DC25 packs several other nifty features. A button right next to the power switch engages or shuts off the rotating bristle bar, the latter position being perfect for hard surface floors. The Dyson does an equally good job of cleaning the with its suction-only setting as it does dragging the refuse out of your carpets, thus living up to it’s “All Floor Types” billing. A nifty telescoping wand is built into the handle and, when engages, diverts the full force of the vac’s suction to its business end. The under-couch dust bunnies with which you currently coexist are no longer safe.

Where as you might think the Dyson line a touch on the extravagant side when it comes to price, bear in mind that many vacuums require the replacement of multiple filters and/or belts and hoses during their life cycle. The Dyson DC25, backed by a 5 year warranty, is having none of that. You simply wash out its lifetime HEPA filter at regular intervals. Just clean the cleaner, what a concept.

Just don’t fault me if I like to vacuum a little more than the average guy. It soothes my OCD tendencies. If you’re looking to actually get your floors clean, I heartily recommend the Ball or any of Dyson’s other serendipitously over-engineered tools of dust destruction. You might discover a new favorite past-time or, at the least, enjoy some domestic therapy.

Cost: $499