A Detergent For Your Gear

WIN Green Sport Detergent


By Gear Patrol reader Jason Friedman

WIN Green Sport Detergent is the best way to green your workout and preserve the life of your sweat-wicking athletic gear, all while being environmentally responsible. WIN Green is a new eco-friendly sport detergent that is completely biodegradable, in that all of the ingredients used are sourced from natural, renewable sources that break down and decompose into their harmless by-products in a short amount of time.

This formula contains no brighteners, which are commonly added to laundry detergents to make the clothes appear cleaner, yet have been known to cause allergic skin reactions. There are no phosphates used, which create algal blooms in groundwater that can leak toxins into drinking water and harm ecosystems. WIN Green also is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, dye-free and the bottle is made from recycled plastic.

WIN Green directly targets sweat molecules embedded in moisture-wicking fabrics that cause bacterial odors, which traditional detergents leave behind. Simultaneously, these same ingredients react with soil and stain materials causing them to either decolorize or disintegrate. Once in a soluble form after oxidation, dirt and odors easily wash away. WIN Green is formulated to be safe and gentle on all colors and fabrics and works in traditional and high-efficiency laundry machines. Sounds like a win-win (yes, pun intended).

Cost: $7