Link Patrol | July 15, 2009


Thinking your crib could use a modern touch? Take a gander at these 10 contemporary homes of the future. (DesignCrave)

Video game nostalgia takes on a variety of forms. However this compilation, “Da Chip” brings it to another level by remixing some of Daft Punk’s best known tracks in a vintage video game format. If you’re curious, you can download the album for free by following the link. We didn’t think Daft Punk could get any weirder. (LimitedHype)

Since we’re already on the topic of nerds, the Star Wars obsessed should appreciate this Darth Vader Toaster. Not only does it have Stars Wars on the device, but it toasts Skywalker Senior’s image on your bread as well.(Asylum)

The results of Gizmodo’s most recent photo shop contest of 64 modern day gadgets dragged back to 1979 is definitely worth a look. Thank god the 70’s are over. (Gizmodo)

Do you like helicopters? Do you like triceratops? Then you’ll love this helicopter triceratops mash up sculpture. (

Wanting to get your kid into the riding lifestyle from the get-go? Consider acquiring this rocking horse made of old bike parts. (Wired | Gadget Lab)