You've Only Got One Head, Wear A Worthy Hat

Henschel Hats


By Gear Patrol Reader Drew Hildebrand

Imagine for a moment that you and your buddies/significant other/family are headed out for a day hike or other adventure. Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine with your best pal Short Round, slogging through the rain, or dodging poison tipped darts, you’re probably going to want something more appropriate (and infinitely more stylish) than the old baseball cap.

Enter the Henschel Hat Company, purveyors of all things noggin. Their Leather Outback range is squarely affixed to my head on almost all of my journeys, especially during inclement weather. Sun, rain, snow, and hail all yield to this incredibly well-made hat, keeping the wearer comfortable, dry, and unburnt. The hat also has an uncanny knack for staying putting while working against the elements.

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Having worn this hat for a few years now, its been put through the ringer in a number of environs and usually comes out the other end in better shape than the wearer. All it requires as far as care is a bit of waterproofing and a slightly damp cloth to clean off dust, dirt, and excess water. In short, a Henschel is made with quality in mind and is very durable.

In terms of materials, Henschel offers hats made of straw, hemp, canvas, and leather. Styles also vary to keep you looking dapper in any setting; so much so, that you should prepare for the deluge of compliments you’ll receive when donning these hats. At least this has been my experience.

Now go and get your adventure on.

Cost: $20-$100

About the author: Drew is a loyal GP Reader with an unquenchable thirst for, well, gear. Here’s a fun fact about him – though he lives in Canada, he’s not Canadian. What’s up with that, eh?