Rethink The Definition of "Denim Shirt"

J.Crew Denim Workshirt

jcrew-denim-workshirtStylish lumberjack may not be the look you’re going for (or maybe it is), but the J.Crew Denim Workshirt is one of the better choices for laid-back work garb I’ve seen in a while. Dare I say, it’s the perfect shirt to wear when you’re chopping down a tree.

With a turn of the century (the 19’s, not 20’s) look, the workshirt wears worn with a slimmer cut, complete with flap chest pockets and distressed metal buttons. Match them with jeans (cautiously) or some worn-in Carhartts and get your work on. Consider a pair of Thorogood Moc Toe Boots to complete your distinctively Americana workwear assemblage.

Cost: $128