The Opposite of Board Shorts, In A Good Way

Orlebar Brown Bulldog Classic Beach Short


Summer is in full swing, but if you live in the Northeast it feels like it just started. With that comes, hopefully, the opportunity to hit up the beach, pool, lakehouse, or whatever puddle you can find to cool off in. Looking good in the process is always a challenge.

Luckily, we’ve found a great option for class and comfort.

orlebar-brown-bulldog-classic-beach-short-2Though the Borat mankini wears like a dream, it does scare women and small children. On the other end of the spectrum, surf shorts look more and more like man-capris every year. So, where’s a guy to turn? Enter Orlebar Brown. Based out of London they’ve got a line of summer shorts and bathing suits cut simply and flatteringly. Plus, they offer the small details you expect from the rest of your wardrobe.

I’ve been testing their Bulldog shorts and have been nothing but impressed. Made of a “quick drying cotton/polyamide fabric,” they seem shed the water like they’ve been Rainex’d, eliminating that wet diaper feeling. They have buckles on the side for quick adjustments on the waist and a snap fly for easy access. Where they really set themselves apart is in their look. They’re made to be shorts that you can swim in, but aren’t swim shorts, allowing you to transition from your infinity pool to the hotel bar with style. They’re shorter than anything I’ve worn before, but not in a bad way. They look and wear great. Better yet, if you’re a little uncomfortable showing this much man thigh, you won’t have to worry about it long, the femme fatale in your life will probably be tearing them off in short order… and that makes them worth every penny.

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind, they’re not forgiving on the physique front. So be honest whether you can pull them off before buying a pair.

Cost: $205