You've Got to Type, You May as Well Look Good Doing It

Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition


To date, it’s been tough to find a 3rd party keyboard capable of matching the aesthetic gorgeousness of Mac hardware. Happily, Logitech has stepped up to create a Mac-centric version of their diNovo Edge keyboard that is both extremely beautiful and packing some special functionality.

The first thing you notice when laying hands on the diNovo Edge is that it is one thin keyboard, clocking in at a razor-thin 1.3 cm at its widest point. Logitech says that to manufacture the diNovo Edge, they cut the surface from a single sheet of Plexiglass then set it into an aluminum frame. That looks and feels as cool as it sounds.

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Beyond the surface, you’ll find that the diNovo Edge offers a sublime typing experience. It’s equipped with Logitech’s PerfectStroke system, which basically means that it requires a slightly longer keystroke. Apparently, lots of scientific research has show this to be a preferable typing setup. Additionally, the keys engage fluidly and silently.

The diNovo Edge also packs a highly functional built-in scroll wheel and the Mac Edition packs one-touch access to iTunes, Safari, and more – as well as including the multifunction command keys upon which some shortcuts rely. The Edge connects via Bluetooth and includes a handsome charging stand (seen below) that juices the keyboard up for about a month of use per charge. The only downside that I experienced with this keyboard is the absence of a numeric keypad, but if you’re used to notebook computing, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Undeniably, the Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition is a sexy piece of desktop hardware. If you are a Mac user, your machine deserves an appropriate compliment of accessories, thus, this keyboard is not to be missed.

Cost: $126 (Mac) | $135 (PC)