What's Good for Mother Nature Is Good for You

All Terrain Natural Remedies


I often wonder if the products we apply to our skin do more harm than the conditions they’re designed to protect us from.  Ranging from sunscreens to bug sprays, muscle rubs to hand sanitizers, the unnatural compounds in these products (most of which I can’t pronounce) make me question if this is really what my body needs. Frankly, I’m not sure it is.

A few weeks ago I got to meet David Kulow, President of natural remedy provider All Terrain.  At first I was skeptical (I know, a real shocker for a GP writer) of David’s claims that his all natural sunscreen was just as good as the drug store brands we are all well acquainted with.  But I’m also always open to test out new products.  In total, I personally tested out 6 products from All Terrain, all with very satisfactory results.

My review after the jump.

All Terrain was born after founder Todd Hakanson opened his backpack after a hike in Costa Rica.  What he found was that his bottle of DEET insect repellent had leaked and eaten through his pack and melted the buttons on the calculator he was carrying to figure exchange rates.  Obviously concerned about the damage this very same DEET was doing to his skin, Todd set out to find natural remedies for outdoor enthusiasts.

First off, All Terrain isn’t a one trick pony.  They carry a variety of offerings over several categories: Insect Repellants, First Aid, Sun Protection, Soaps & Sanitizers, Remedy Rubs, Kids Outdoor Protection, and Pet Care products.  Each category is stocked with enough options to give each of us exactly the results we need.  And who doesn’t like buying products specifically designed for our individual needs?

After using the Herbal Armor insect repellant, the AquSport SPF 30 sun screen and Lip Armor lip balm during several rounds of golf, I was more than convinced that Todd and David were telling the truth.  I also followed up rigorous weight lifting routines with the Aloe Gel skin relief, HandSaz hand sanitizer and their Recovery Rub which left my muscles and skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the next round.

What I found truly amazing was that many of All Terrain’s products have been clinically tested (example here) and proven highly effective. So you don’t have to just take my word on it. All Terrain even offers poison ivy and poison oak protection, which anyone who has ever been unfortunate enough to encounter that will certainly appreciate.  Not sure if all natural products are right for you?  Try their sampler kit for $20 like I did.

Cost: Varies By Product